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Old barn in ID I
ID barn
Montana & Idaho 2014 - We had super weather, a great backpack and about 66 miles of hiking 

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   Wurtz Cabin
Montana Feb 2014
Montana vacation skiing and snowshoeing at the Wurtz Cabin. Read a breif historty of the Wurtz Cabin or learn about staying there.

  Maple Leaf on rock I
Wasington, ID * MT 2013
Rainy WA on the Olympic Pennisula, ID, MT and closed National Parks. .
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Idaho/Montana 2012
Checking out a bit of ID but drove on to MT as wildfires kept us from some of our plans. Hiked 52 miles this trip.

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  • 2016 - first trip to Big Bend NP
  • 2011 - Checking out NW Washington. Looked at some property east of the Cascades but it was the least favorite part of our trip. .
  • 2011 - Testing out Winter weather in Montana
  • 2010 - See the big news from our Sept. 2010 Montana trip!
  • 2008 - For my 40th birthday I took a trip to Colorado Springs. We cheated and road the train to the top of Pike's Peak where we found a lot of SNOW! See the pictures.
  • 2007 -  I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. It was a really great trip. Coming back up was hard work! See the pictures
  • We have been busy geocaching - See the fun or go see what it is.